Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Blahs!

     I got the winter blahs this year but [so far] at least not the winter blues [seasonal affective disorder] which for me requires the use of a special light in the mornings. I don't know why I haven't been afflicted by S.A.D. this winter [so far]. Maybe it is because I've been spending more time outdoors or maybe it's because physical exercise has now become a habit for me. I know one thing for damn sure-- this [temporary?] improvement is not due to my eating habits or my non-improving insomnia. 

     Hey. Even if the blues come back, I'm good with that. I'm happy not to be experiencing them right now. And I know what to do if they should impinge upon my little world this winter.

     The birds around me have been anything but blah. I've observed mixed flocks of chickadees plus in the backyard feeders along with some woodpeckers. The juncos continue to eat from the platform feeders and the crazy little titmice continue to occupy the tree and sing vigorously. The Canada geese are still flying overhead, heading south. I've observed several families of mallards at local creeks, including one family that was swimming in close proximity to a blue heron.  There have also been various hawks-- mainly kestrels-- hanging on tree branches stalking out dinner.

     The weather has been a bit trying. I don't object to snow. I don't care for freezing rain. So far we've had very little snow and way too much freezing rain this winter. The temperatures cycling twenty degrees or more on an almost daily basis is annoying to me but there is nothing much I can do about the weather here short of moving. 

     Here it is December and we have no snow base on the ground at all. Unless I want to pay to x-c ski or snowshoe through "groomed" trails with fake snow [and no, I don't], I will continue to have to use my boot or sneaker clad feet to ambulate through the woods. The dog wags her tail and makes excitement noises when it is snowing but she doesn't seem overly bothered by the lack of the fluffy stuff outside. She also hates ice and in that we are united.

sapphoq n friends

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Juncos Are Back!

     Several days ago, some juncos flew in with the resident chickadees and titmice. I was very happy to see them. I do miss them when they are gone for the summer. I guess the juncos 'round here didn't read the bird info about their species that says they are ground feeders.

     They have color variation according to geography and a sweet little call which can be viewed at

     I advocate keeping cats indoors. They like to eat birds. They can get hit by cars, have fights with other cats and maybe a few dogs, and sicken quicker from the stuff outside.  My cats are indoor cats. The two year old "kitten" makes noises at the crows outside while sitting on his window perch. He is not interested in the smaller birds.


     In my younger days, in my ignorance I allowed my cats to be indoor/outdoor cats. The cat hauling home a half-grown rabbit twice her size and bringing the live mouse inside to kill it finished me.

     I also advocate not allowing dogs to run loose unsupervised. Dogs can get hit by cars, attack deer and start eating them while still alive, and eat garbage. Some dogs will harass cats and people. A few will fight and bite. There is no excuse for a dog biting a human being, especially a child. Once you've heard a child scream in terror while being attacked by a loose dog, you will never forget it. I haven't.

     In some areas, a dog is allowed to be off-lead if he or she is under voice control. I take the time to obedience-train my dogs. I have called dogs off of deer, canada geese, and once a moose. A dog that is found running a deer can be shot on sight. I agree with this law. I saw a film showing dogs running a deer down and then starting to tear at her flesh while she was still alive.

     My dog is not allowed to roam around the neighborhood making a nuisance of herself and relieving herself on other people's property. The world is not your dog's toilet bowl. Just saying. 

     The dog is older now. I've caught her on the deck of the fenced in yard sleepily watching the birds in the tree eat from feeders and hop around.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

In The Woods October 25, 2014

     Sunny today with leaves falling. Old human and I set off for a romp in the woods.

     I was very happy to be in the woods. I waited for old human who wanted to take some pictures of an interesting brush pile.

     We saw some chickadees. They "cheeped" at us happily from the overhanging branches and then flew off. Up the trail a piece, we found a tree victim of a blow down with some interesting moss growing on it.

     We found a tree with a huge gall on it.

     We played in the woods. I felt good and moved well. 

     On the way back, we were greeted by the same chickadees we saw on the way in. We ran into some casual day trippers.

     And their dog.

      Heading back home, we came upon a garage sale with some interesting hand-painted pieces.

     We had a nice walk and ride in the car today.

                         ~ dictated by old dog to old human