Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Human Swines

I was talking with a buddy earlier today. In the course of our conversation, I related that husband speaks of a certain cable channel viewed primarily by women audiences as "the men are pigs channel." I then went on to admit that there are some "women who are pigs too." Buddy became excited at that point. "Finally, a woman admits that," he said.

How curious that in this era of popularized victimhood laced with artificial liberation of the feminine psyche, there still exists an exalted feeling that some vast majority of men are related to swine. I know that women are capable of being gross and vulgar in conversation and in action because I have seen it with my own two eyes. To wit, the "love heaps" of wiggling bodies groping each other during some polyamorous conferences are composed of both men and women. I also hold up the evidence that women are just as capable as men of cheating on their mates, engaging in sexist conversation related to the physical attributes of others, and beating on their partners.

I don't know whether or not "Real men eat quiche." What I do know is that real human beings of any gender engage in extraordinary acts of both kindness and cruelty, hatred and compassion. Generalizing any given statement to one gender displays our prejudicial thinking. Thus, it is not "Most or all men are pigs." Nor is it, "Most or all women are pigs."

We can say, "Some unknown percentage of human beings are pigs." I can be totally politically correct and say, "Some unknown percentage of human beings engage in piggish acts." But alas, I am just not that "well" yet.

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