Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Oh it doesn't take an einstein
to know that you're not finestein,
to know that you're a fake.

You're nothing but a rip-off
and we all got the tip off
that you're looking for a take.

And google's gonna find you
and the law's a-gonna fine you
and you'll go off to the jail.

You're the one who'll be crying.
You're the one who'll be dieing
with no ad-sense and no e-mail.

-sapphoq q continues bad poetry on purpose

Monday, November 21, 2005


There is a spammer
with a little bot.
Stealing our blogs
over on blogspot.

The words get shifted
and adword links put in.
So the spammer can make some money
I think that's a sin.

Google has been warned
to fix it or be dropped
from all the search engines.
The spammer must be stopped.

-sapphoq writing bad poetry on purpose

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Pat Robertson recently claimed that the town of Dover PA has "turned [its'] back on god" by voting out of the school board eight members who were in favor of teaching

the creationalistic 'intelligent design' in public schools as an 'alternative' to evolution.

Reuters quoted him as saying should disaster strike Dover PA, the townsfolk should not expect any help from god.

Personally, I am SICK of literalist christians constantly attempting to impose their beliefs, laws, ideas, and politics upon the rest of us.

I do not want my taxes to pay for public schools offering up 'intelligent design' as a scientific theory -- which it is NOT.

GLBT kids, pagan kids, and atheist kids are all suffering at the hands of christian bully kids in public schools. Some of our kids are getting beaten up, harrassed, and killing themselves over this stuff.

By the way, even IF the founders of the untied states were christian and theocratic -- it simply does not follow that we should install a theocracy today.

And these same literalist christians claim WE have an agenda!


Saturday, November 05, 2005


Late this week, a philipina woman was RAPED by five u.s.a. marines who were on the island for "military exercises."
Reports state they forced her into their car where at least one of them RAPED her and then they dumped her out.
Excuses range from they thought they would be granted immunity to "she was just a prostitute."

The woman is NOT a streetworker.
Even if she was, they HAD NO RIGHT TO DO WHAT THEY DID.

I am ashamed that these men are citizens of the same country that I am.


-outraged sapphoq

Thursday, November 03, 2005

God Hates Shrimp 11/3/05

clip art from

I first came across this site in a captivating article in "The Skeptical Inquirer."

Upon visiting the website, I found both a collection of real church signs AND the ability to ORDER a church sign [for $7.50 each, though I don't know if that includes shipping] using the Church Sign Generator.

The article in the Skeptical Inquirer referenced god's supposed objection to homosexuals in the same breath as god's one-time objection to shrimp.

I understand that my first now ex-neuro-needle-sticking-doc [he moved to Kentucky] and other people who have yamulkes and dreds probably do not eat shrink today. I have no quarrels with them obviously.

I bravely propose that folks who base political arguements "against homosexuality" on hebrew bible policies forego eating shrimp, wearing cotton and wool together, AND being prepared to stone poisoners.

Please don't shoot me, I'm only the mildly manic bloggerblob.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Nine Years After

Nine years ago today, my honey and I were married. Tonight we went to the restaurant we were married in to celebrate.

He got me flowers and I got him a book he wanted. We had a nice evening. As usual, the waitress ordered us a huge piece of chocolate cake with sprinkles and whipped cream. And we got sung to. "Happy Anniversary to you!"

Years ago, pre-hubby, I went on a cruise. I met a woman going on the same cruise on the airplane down to Miami. She told me she was going on the cruise to get over her divorce. I was just going just to go.

We signed up for the same dinner table and the same dinner time. Every night, the waiters would come out with yet another cake and sing, "Happy Honeymoon to you" to some newly married couple. The woman there to get over her divorce got sick of this rapidly.

She ordered herself a cake one night and the waiters came out with it and sang, "Happy Divorcing to you."

Before we got married, a good friend at the time had just married. This real piece of wor--I mean his wife, had us divorced before we even got married. The wife became openly verbally abusive to my good friend and I could no longer stay and watch. I wish him well and I hope some day he gets out of it fairly intact.

During dinner, husband and I spoke briefly of our separate goals for the year to come.

My goals this year are (1). continue to work on the house so it gets organized, liveable, and cleaner, and; (2). improve enough to be able to get a part-time job.
Husband's goal is to get a better job somewhere else.

Our collective goal is to improve our finances to the point where we won't have to eat cat food in our retirements.

-we are both older and a bit grayer and heavier.
-we are both still in love with each other.
-we are both growing.

I love you honey.