Friday, December 28, 2012

un-Dear Attention Whores

un-Dear Attention Whores, Spammers, Hijackers, Beggars,

When you come here to spam your blog in my comment section, guess what?  If the post itself upon which you are attempting to lay your comment does not reference the stuff you are rambling about, then I am going to delete your comment.  If you can't bring a different perspective to the table, then don't bother knocking on the door.  I will not allow you to hijack my comment sections for your purposes.  Period.  Tired platitudes and negative assumptions do not get my attention.  Neither does profilic use of cognitive fallacies.  I am not here to stroke your false ego or to participate in your sweaty mental masturbation.

yeah I made it.  whatever.

I am perfectly capable of finding people on various social platforms to have rational and interesting discussions with.  I value people who are capable of forming an intelligent argument, whether or not we happen to agree.  I do not care about having a zillion people who follow my words.  Numbers are meaningless in and of themselves.  I am not starving for your attention.  So go away.

No Love,

sapphoq n friends

I miss the days when trolls had skillz.  These new ones I'll tell ya:
   If they can't hang with the 4chan crowd, they should just gtfo.

tags for Anonymous

These are words. I place them in the public domain on 12/29/2012. Use them. Combine them. Modify them. No limitations. Do as you will. Just no hot-linking. Thanks.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear fedbook relation and more

un-Dear former fedbook employee upset over a family photo going viral,

There is no privacy on the internet.  Your brother made sure of that.  And now he says folks who bail out of spacebook cannot take their info with them.  Don't want the entire Internet to see something or read something?  Then don't publish it anywhere, regardless of what "privacy setting" you think you have that will protect it.  Deal with it.

Privacy Setting.  Now there's an oxymoron.  Your brother claims that facecase came into being in order to promote a certain openness among peeps on the Interwebz.  Now that there is funny.  Your brother thinks that we bought that story.  Uh, no.

It was a marketing gimmick.  An adventure.  A race with Big Brother Goggle to see who can own the most information.  This thing that he created has nothing to do with making a nicer politer electronic society if only we would use our real names.

If only we would use our real names, the trolls would be nicer.  Or even stop trolling.
If only we would use our real names, we wouldn't be so sex-crazed.  So outlandish.  So unacceptable.  So repulsive.  So hurtful.  So spiteful.
If only we would use our real names, our identities could be stolen easier.  Our rapists can find us.  Our exes who beat the crap out of us can "friend" us or "like" us. 

Give me a break.  Such dribble.

So now you've been forced to drink some of your brother's sugary water drink.  Doesn't taste so sweet, does it?  Again, if you don't want everyone to view it or read it, then don't post it.

And screw your "privacy settings."  We all know that they don't really exist.

No Love,
sapphoq n friends

Friday, December 21, 2012

Apocalypso: Music for the end of the world

What do you call songs for playing at the end of the world?
An Apocalypso.

Here are my nominations...

We played this song at our wedding:

When two non-theists partner, this sort of thing happens.
I love R.E.M. 


In the final analysis, there is only me.  There is only you.  There is only love.  U2 moves me to another landscape.

The Who:

"Only Love can bring the rain..." makes me swoon every time.  Sing it!

Bob Marley, I miss you:

I saw Bob Marley at the Warehouse in New Orleans, 1978.
I saw Steve Marley at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco at the free Sunday concert in I think it was 2007.

Music to have a revolution by:

It takes one person to wake up.
It takes one person and a friend to start a revolution.
We are the revolution.
The revolution is here.  The revolution is now.
Don't miss it. 

Israel Kamakawiwo`Ole singing two of my favorite songs:

This is grace.

John Lennon doing "Imagine":

I want to move to that world, the world that "Imagine" talks about.

I should be on the beach:

with Zac Brown Band.  This is a happy song.  Even the end of the world can't take the happiness out of this song.

I am a Parrothead and I don't care who thinks that is uncool.
I love Jimmy Buffett.

singing "A Pirate Looks at 40".  The Ocean is my Other Mother.  I saw Jimmy Buffett in concert in Baton Rouge in 1978.  It was at that concert that I first understood the word "interconnected" in a real and visceral way.

New Order, yeah I love New Order too.

Another time perhaps I will make another blog post and include more New Order along with some Joy Division and Radiohead.

It seems fitting to end near where I began with R.E.M.

"It's The End Of The World As We Know It (and I feel fine)"
Because I really do feel fine.  It's good to be alive, yo'

sapphoq n friends

R.E.M.                                 Losing My Religion
U2                                       All I Want Is You / Where the Streets Have No Name
The Who                             Love Reign O'er Me
Bob Marley                         Jamming
Tracey Chapman                 talking bout a revolution
Israel Kamakawiwo`Ole     Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World
John Lennon                       Imagine
Zac Brown Band                Knee Deep at Red Rocks
Jimmy Buffett                    A Pirate Looks at 40
New Order                         Ceremony
R.E.M.                               It's The End Of The World As We Know It (and I feel fine)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tags for the Taking : Troubled Teen Industry Survivors

These are all copy left: to be used and distibuted as you see fit.  Right click and save to your pictures in your computer. 
No hot-linking please and thanks.

To the intellectual property monopolyzers: The originals that you don't see here and the art that you do see here rest safely on my hard drive and other places.  I made them.  So go away.

sapphoq n friends

Monday, December 10, 2012


All of the above have appeared in various places on the Internet.  It is my sincere belief that they are allowed to be re-distributed as is.  Take what you wish, but please do not hot-link.  Thanks.
Yours in the struggle,

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Why I Care

Why I Care about what is happening with our teens and children; and other folks who are being abused, mistreated, raped, and manipulated in WWASPS facilities, in Aspen facilities, and in any other place where these great evils are occurring.

I care because I am a thinking and feeling animal called human being.

I care because I remember being abused as a child.

I care because I remember being abused as a teen.

I care because I remember the first rape as a young adult.

I care because I remember the second rape-- which was a series of rapes-- by a professional "helper."

I care because the professional "helper" got a slap on the hand for "poor paperwork."

I care because I was considered to be "not a credible witness."

I care because I watched his co-workers surround him and defend him and lie for him in a court of law.

I care because I remember the attempted rape as an adult.  I kneed him in the groin and kicked him in the balls.

I care because I've watched censorship and intellectual monopoly grow through the years.

I care because the perps want us to be silent and ashamed.

I care because I remember all of these things.

I care because no one deserves abuse.

Caring is nothing without action.

I care and I take action, especially for those who are not considered to be "credible witnesses," for those who watched the court system side with the attackers, for those who were harmed by religious people professing love.


Saturday, December 01, 2012


I just found TED talks like today-- a niece raved about them but when I began to investigate them myself, today-- I found a sense of excitement and connection.

Some years ago I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Baton Rouge.  Yeah, I'm a parrothead.  And this was back in the days when I was still endeavoring to be a chemist.  I was high.  I reckoned that most of the audience was high. I was drunk.  And so was Jimmy.  During that concert, I had a drug-induced vision.  I "saw" fibrous connections between everyone in that whole place.  It was sort of new agey, and so was I.  Even now in my happily atheist being, I remember that drug-induced vision with a sort of fondness. 

Today I believe that this life is about inter-connection.  It's up to each one of us where we go with that.  We are all alone in our own skins.  [Folks with alters not exempt-- I will postulate that each alter or fragment of an alter is also alone in his or her own skin.  With apologies to physicists].  We can journey together yet there are things that each one of us have to do for ourselves.

I've known for awhile things like, "I am not my disease."  "I am more than my labels."  "I am bigger than my problems."  But today, I learned very clearly that I am not my body.

And so, I present you with Janine Shepherd who learned how to fly:

Because courage, true courage is the ability to dream new dreams and to act on them.

sapphoq and friends