Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I attended some poetry workshops one summer at a library in Albany New York. The facilitator introduced us to what he called Arabic Curses: short, pithy, and to the point creative use of words such as the "Friendship Prayer" above [author unknown to me]. Very shortly, all of us grown people were writing things like:

May your cat kick its litter all over you
and after pulling the plug on your bathwater
may you dwindle down the drain.

I haven't written any since then and that was more than twenty years ago. The world has changed so much since then-- I hesitated to name this blog "Arabic Curses." But indeed, that is what this particular literary convention was introduced to me as. Accuracy won out over my initial cowardice.

People have accused me of being angry like anger is a bad thing, or even of being "too" angry. I believe that anger is part of the human condition. Anger is not a 'secondary' emotion. I know this because fight is one of the primitive responses of the reptilian brain to adrenaline rushes. A

And depression is not 'Anger turned inward.' Biologically-based depression is a medical condition whose etiology or etiologies cannot be reduced to one phrase. To say that depression is a result of unexpressed anger is to grossly mistake cause and one possible effect or symptom.

Anger has been my truest friend. Anger is the friend that informs me when someone around me is attempting to play games, engage in manipulation for his or her own benefits or needs, or act as predator does waiting for weaker human beings to show up with their raw vulnerabilities exposed. Clear anger comes from the gut. Anger tells me the truth about other people and about myself. Anger heals me in ways that simplistic talk about forgiveness was never able to.

Anger and I will continue to walk together and talk together with an honesty that few friends know and can afford.

~sapphoq n friends on friend anger

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Yesterday, we made our annual Mabon pilgrimage to the Garlic Festival in Saugerties New York. The Kiwanis Club sponsers it as a community fundraiser. There are musicians, teeshirts, crafts, and food booths. And my favorite-- lots and lots of stands with samples of their garlicky wares. We weave our way through the crowd of garlic enthusiasts in search of a variety of honeys, salsas, sauces, pickles, mustards, fudge, dipping oils, other dips, and more to tease our palates.

This year found us sampling and comparing as usual. Definately not to be missed!

~sapphoq n friends

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I belong to a creators' group at Google called CreationStation.
The pic of the twisted penguin is a small sample of my work using PaintShopProX.
In the few short months that I have been doing art on the computer,
my work has been included in a small [non-juried] art show in State College Pennsylvania
and also on-line at my friend Scott's journal OtherHoodLights .

I also run one e-group on Yahoo and participate in several others.
A few of my F2F [face-to-face] friends are also in a couple of the groups.
I also have some new friends that I met on-line before they became
F2F friends.

My friend Philly Dave says,
"Friendship is Good."
I met him through seeking publication of my poetry--
he is one of my editors and now also a F2F friend.

When I was in high school,
I was taken to task by one of the teachers
because I used to visit the homeroom of some girls
who were seniors when I was a sophomore.
The same teacher was also upset because
once on the trainride home,
I played guitar and a fellow passenger
joined in on his mandolin.

Thankfully, I remain free to be friends
with my friends regardless of age, race, creed,
religion or lack of religion, sexual orientation,
gender identification, or any other -ism which
bears the potential to divide
people into sloppy little boxes.

~sapphoq n friends