Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's Been Too Long...

...and I'm sorry. 

top collage shows dogs in a dog park. Tennessee the pit bull mix plays with Hermione the Australian Cattle Dog mix. Tennessee is almost all white. Hermione is black with white on her muzzle and the tip of her tail and white sock feet. She has black spots on her legs.
Second picture shows four dogs running in the background and an older Golden Retriever mix Blondie in the foreground watching them.
Third picture is of a light peach/white dog named Shayna with grayish black on her ears and muzzle. She has a cropped tail. I think she is a shitzu or other small breed.
Fourth picture shows Blaze, a black and red doberman with taped ears and Blondie. 
Blondie preferred Blaze and Hermione was delighted with Tennessee.

photo below shows Hermione and Blondie with heads down, tracking an interesting smell in the snow. The snow has bits of grass sticking up out of it. 
I took both photos myself and I can prove it so go away copyright trolls.

Blondie my golden retriever mix was diagnosed with terminal liver failure in April 2015 and I fully expected her to be dead by that June. Her best buddy Hermione came to live with us at the end of the summer permanently. Blondie has turned around and is doing well. Hermione is very happy.

The second photo shows Hermione and Blondie tracking an interesting smell in the snow.

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