Monday, March 31, 2014

To Professional Whistleblowers

To Professional Whistleblowers,

Since you so willingly post the names and birth dates of the accused as well as the allegations and charges under which you arranged their arrests, I don't understand why you do not publish the results of your prosecutions of all of the accused. The media appears to draw their information from your press releases. The public deserves to know the disposition of your cases.

     Have you succeeded in sending any of the accused to prison?

     Have any of the accused been sentenced to jail time?
     Have any of the accused been sentenced to probation?

     Have any of the accused been allowed to plea bargain?

     What were the results in each and every case?

Until such a time as you publish the legal results that your special prosecutors obtain in court, your grandstanding about your effectiveness at your job of protecting the heretofore "unprotected" is not worth the paper that it is printed on.

sapphoq n friends

Monday, March 10, 2014


     Socks. She had over twenty of them. Not in the sense of "We're all socks here." No. Pathetic socks. Socks that tweeted to each other. Carried on whole conversations. Complimented each other as they collectively bashed in the figurative heads of Those Who Dared To Disagree.

     Those Who Dared To Disagree were especially troublesome to her. She valued her cheer-leading squad-- the few she had found-- and verbally assaulted Those Who Dared To Disagree. She flung around her favorite word at them. See here. Take that. Pedophile. Or sometimes, Paedophile.

     Just as in real life, she ran after anyone she thought she could suck into her web of deceit. Anyone who didn't respond or didn't jump on her bandwagon became her target. And there were many of those. She claimed that they were trolls on the payroll. 

     Trolls on the payroll were vicious and nasty things. They were Those Who Dared To Disagree. They had committed the ultimate sin. They deserved her hatred. They were hideous. She despised them. 

     She was a pathetic woman with pathetic socks who held pathetic conversations and tweeted pathetic links to her pathetic writing. She thought she had it going on. Go figure.

                       ~ sapphoq, a troll on the payroll? ~

Please credit this "story" to sapphoq if you reproduce this in any media, although I don't know why you would want to reproduce this anywhere.